Confined Space

Working in a confined space is associated with a large number of hazards. Whether your workers operate in a silo, tunnel, manhole, or any other kind of enclosed space, you will have to provide adequate safety equipment to prevent injury. The most important safety equipment for these types of environments include:

• Confined space access equipment
• Confined space entry equipment
• Confined space rescue gear

Failing to provide these crucial solutions will only increase the chance of injury for workers in confined spaces.
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Beaver Technology Services can provide you with all the essential confined space equipment that you need for these work environments. We offer a wide variety of tools and accessories that can maximise safety on the worksite. Whether you need davits, platforms, walkways, guardrails, or lifelines, we’ve got it all—and much more.

When you first consider the safety requirements of working in confined spaces, quick exit and rescue come to mind. However, getting workers inside a confined space can be tricky in some cases. Using the tools we provide here at Beaver Technology Services will simplify this process and ensure safe entry for workers from various angles. Our state-of-the-art confined space entry safety equipment can get the job done with no breakage or malfunctions.

Working in confined spaces is inherently dangerous, which is why having rescue equipment and protocol is absolutely essential. Among our diverse products, you’ll find many of the necessary tools and machinery needed for proper confined space rescue. We offer lifelines that are compatible with self rescue protocol, as well as davits that can support the necessary weight for a rescue.

Beaver Technology Services features many different height and confined safety products that can be useful for businesses working in these environments. To learn more about our diverse selection of products, contact us directly.