• mobile Rescue Cube

BETRENCHSAFE ® Mobile Anchor Cube (MAC)

CODE: 70207 – Mobile Anchor Rescue Cube
CODE: 70208 – Mobile Anchor Rescue Cube c/w Mast & Winch Bracket

The BTRENCHSAFE® Mobile Anchor Cube (MAC) provides for a practical solution for individuals working around open trenches & excavations where there is a risk of falls into unprotected edges. Counterweighted in design and requiring no permanent fixation with built-in lifting pockets allows the MAC to be moved around a site with relative ease. The MAC provides fall protection for 2 workers and can be set-up with either inertia reel or inertia reel c/w rescue & recovery winch feature.  


  • Self-counterweighted base with built-in lifting pockets
  • Overall dimensions of 1.2 x 1.2 x 0.4m and weighing 1400kg
  • 2-person fall arrest system with optional fall arrest c/w rescue & recovery winch feature
  • Can be set-up as a fall restraint system and/or as a fall arrest and rescue & recovery system
  • Complies to AS5532 as a fall arrest rated anchor point

MAC 2 rescue option

MAC 7028

MAC 7027

Part No.Description
70207Mobile Anchor Rescue Cube
70208Mobile Anchor Rescue Cube c/w Mast & Winch Bracket


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