• MAC 70208 Application example

BETRENCHSAFE ® Mobile Anchor Cube (MAC)

CODE: 70208 – Mobile Anchor Rescue Cube c/w Mast

The BTRENCHSAFE® Mobile Anchor Cube (MAC) provides for a practical solution for individuals working around open trenches & excavations where there is a risk of falls into unprotected edges. The counterweighted design requiring no permanent fixation. The MAC has built-in lifting pockets allows the unit to be moved around a site with relative ease. The MAC provides fall protection for 2 workers and can be set-up with type 2 and/or type 3 inertia reels with rescue recovery winch feature.  


  • Self-counterweighted base with built-in lifting pockets
  • Counterweighted base with built-in lifting pockets.
  • Overall dimensions of 1.2 x 1.2 x 0.4m (47.2 x 47.2 x 15.7 in) and weighing 1400kg (3,087 lbs).
  • 2-person fall arrest system with optional type 3 rescue recovery winch feature.
  • Can be set-up as a fall restraint system.

MAC with 2x HRA's

CODE: 70208 Base and Mast Only Shown with 2x Brackets & HRA’s (Bracket & HRA’s are not included. HRA’s are available in various lengths)

MAC with karabiners & SRL's

CODE: 70208 Base and Mast Only Shown with 2 x Karabiners & SRL’s (Karabiners & SRL’s are not included. SRL’s are available in various lengths)

MAC base & mast with sizes, weights & codes

70208Mobile Anchor Cube (MAC) Mast & Base.
70208BAnchor Base only.
70208MAnchor Mast Only.
60202UIM-SPIKAR Rescue winch Bracket without Female Single Interface Brackets..
60174Steel bracket adaptor for davit c/w two pins finish in zinc dichromate (gold ) finish with wire rope lanyard.
BSK0001Screw Gate Oval Karabiner..
HWPS-9TA, HWPS-12TA, HWPS-18TA, HWPS-24TAIKAR Self Retracting Lifelines 9, 12, 18 or 24 m (29, 39, 59 or 78 ft).
HRA-12TA, HRA-18TA, HRA-24TAIKAR Inertia Reel and Recovery Winch 12, 18 or 24m (39, 59 or 78 ft).


BNS20TA Karabiner


60174 Winch bracket


60202UIM-SP IKA HRA Bracket




HRA-24TA IKAR Rescue winch


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