• Folds up for ease of transport and storage.
  • Modular in design.
  • No tools required for set up.
  • Light weight.
  • Available in a variety of heights.
  • Multi-adjustable reach & off set.
  • Rotates full 360 degrees.
  • BTS-Klick pin-less technology adjustment.
  • Optional U-Hook anchor point.
  • Compatible with portable and permanent davit bases. (See pg. 8 & 9)


Capacity (Rescue):Max. 2 workers weighing not more than 141kg each.
Capacity (Fall Arrest):Max. 1 worker weighing not more than 141kg.
Allowable MAF Rating for SRL's:4kN


Part No.Model DescriptionReach (m)Height (m)
30056PRO-2 Davit - 2 part 3.9m0.3 to 0.73.5 to 3.9
30174PRO-2 Davit - 2 part 3.4m0.3 to 0.73.0 to 3.4
30116PRO-2 Davit - 1 part 2.9m0.3 to 0.72.5 to 2.9
30055PRO-2 Davit - 1 part 2.3m0.3 to 0.71.9 to 2.3


Part No.Model Description
60142Bracket, Pro-1 Winch/SRL Structure to suit PRO-2 Davit (Backup plates w/ Hardware)
60204Bracket for IKAR HRA Winch (Hardware only)
60205IKAR Mounting Plate (Hardware only)
BTS60101Bracket, Pro-2/3 Winch Structure (Backup Plates w/ Hardware)
30122Anchor Point Bolt-on, Pro-2 Davits
60181Bolt-On Anchor Ring (Anchor winch cable in 2 part single reeved system)
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