Shoring Devices

When excavating surfaces, preventing the walls of a trench from collapsing is your top priority, as there will be plenty of workers completing tasks within the trench. To achieve this, you’ll want high-quality temporary earth retaining structures, or shoring devices, to keep those walls up during the project. It’s also crucial to use other appropriate safety measures, such as tuff steps, walkways, and shoring davit bases to support work in these hazardous areas.

Beaver Technology Services offers a diverse range of shoring devices and accessories that will keep your workers safe while working on excavation projects.
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One of the things that set Beaver Technology Services apart from the competition is that we focus on the quality of our equipment. We make sure that all of our shoring devices are up to the highest standard and adhere to the rules set by regulatory agencies. We’re also accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities for tests of lifting and safety equipment. When using our products—you can count on safe and reliable solutions for work in hazardous environments.

Here at Beaver Technology Services, we understand that providing only one safety element rarely cuts it in excavation projects. We offer plenty of safety measures that can help companies set up their excavation worksites and complete projects with minimal risk of worker injury. Instead of going through multiple suppliers, you can get everything you need at Beaver Technology Services. Whether you need davits, walkways, ladders, or lifeline support systems, you can count on our company to deliver.

Beaver Technology Services is a leader in the industry when it comes to height and confined space safety. Whatever kinds of products you need—we can provide them quickly and conveniently. We even have a rental program that smaller businesses can use if they can’t afford a wide assortment of safety systems for a single project. To learn more about our company and how we can help you keep workers safe in hazardous environments, contact us directly.