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The BTS AirStep Engine Cowl Maintenance Stairs are designed with user safety in mind when accessing at heights work activity around aircraft engines.

With a wide ranging level of height and angle adjustment allows for the AirStep Engine Cowl Maintenance Stairs to be positioned close to aircraft engines so as to cover a greater work area with both open and closed engine cowls. Built-in fall protection anchors on both sides of the stairs allows users to connect onto the same so as to work in restraint and prevent any falls from heights.
The AirStep Engine Cowl Maintenance Stairs can be used on all different aircraft engines models including Trent, General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce across many different aircraft models from both Airbus, Boeing and others. Areas such as main engine, nose & fan cowls plus pylon disconnect zones can be reached safely and with ease when using the AirStep Engine Cowl Maintenance Stairs.

Designed, tested and certified to AS1892.1, AS5532 & EN ISO 14 122


  • Available in two models to allow reach of working heights of 1.5mtrs to 5.1mtrs.
  • Allows uninterrupted access to the top and underside of the cowl covers for engine access
  • Built-in working at heights fall restraint protection.
  • Manufactured in a combination of high-strength 6061-T6 aluminium and steel base to maintain overall lightweight for ease of movement in and out of hanger environments
  • Anti-slip ergonomic step rung ladder construction so as to provide maximum comfort when accessing the stands.
    Heavy padded bumpers applied in all areas where accidental contact with aircraft component could occur.
  • Double locking assembly prevents accidental movement and/or sliding of the stair rungs when in use.
  • Braked and swivel castors on all legs for moving with outrigger jacks for added support when being using around aircraft.
  • AirStep in Tow
  • AirStep In use QLD
  • AirStep In use QLD
  • AirStep In use QLD
  • AirStep In use QLD

  • Airstep-QANTAS-SYD-on-plane
  • AirStep Lowered
  • AirStep Full Height



AIrStep Elevation & Descriptio

Model Number: BTS7565

Provides access to under and over cowling for various aircraft including B747, B787, B777, A330, A380 & A350


Overall Dimension:L 2.35m x W 1.70m x H 1.69 ~ 5.15m
Base Dimensions:L 2.35m x W 1.70m x H 0.30m
Lower Ladder:L 1.65m x W 0.70m
Middle Ladder:L 1.39m (maximum position) x W 0.63m
Upper Ladder:L 1.33m (maximum position) x W 0.56m
Product Rating:1 Person, maximum weight 136kg
Maximum Towing Speed:10 km/h
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