Chain Blocks

Chain blocks are essential elements in all material handling operations. Unlike lever blocks or hoists, chain blocks only have the capability of lifting vertically. Nonetheless, they help increase efficiency in material handling and construction projects. Beaver Technology Services has multiple chain blocks for sale, and we can guarantee that our models provide optimal safety and functionality on a worksite.

Beaver Technology Services offers the most state-of-the-art height safety and lifting products in Australia. We offer diverse solutions for worksites that can be customised to the needs of your business. This includes various chain block systems as well. If you want to buy a chain pulley block or chain block—there’s no better supplier on the market.

When you want to buy a chain block, your top priorities will always be durability and reliability. A piece of lifting equipment produced ineffectively can be a liability. To avoid worker and bystander injuries when lifting materials, you must choose the highest quality equipment. Beaver Technology Services can provide you with the best of the best chain blocks and chain block rollers on the market. We’re well-known in the industry for our reliable and effective equipment.

One of our company’s goals is to provide clients with the most suitable height safety and lifting equipment for their worksite. If needed, we can create customised products for businesses that have specific load-bearing or durability requirements. With our help, you can get optimal equipment that will maximise efficiency on the worksite.

Beaver Technology Services is a leader in the industry, and we strive to give our clients exactly what they need for a particular project. If you’re working on a short-term project, you can rent many of our safety solutions for as low as $100 per day.