• Worker Connected to AirDavit via SRL
  • Worker Connected to AirDavit Climbs onto truck

  • Worker Connected to AirDavit Steady's load 2
  • Worker Connected to AirDavit walks on truck tray

  • Worker Connected to AirDavit Steady's load 3
  • Worker Connected to AirDavit Steady's load
  • Worker Connected to AirDavit Steady's load 4

  • BTS AirDavit Installed in loading dock

Permanent Solution for the Loading & Unloading of Trucks

The BTS AirDavit is a permanently fixed articulated overhead fall arrest anchor point providing for fall protection for up to 2 workers.

Designed and manufactured for maximum worker safety with an articulating arm to provide an anchor point directly overhead, reducing the potential for injury from pendulum swing and reducing worker fatigue. The system also contains an in-line shock absorbing feature, the AirDavit will absorb majority of the arrest forces generated in the event of a person falling whilst at the same time reducing the force impact to the attaching infrastructure.
With a working anchor point height of 5.7m and available in single and twin arm configuration With a working anchor point height of 5.7m and available in single and twin arm configuration, the BTS AirDavit is an ideal overhead fall protection anchor for both indoor and outdoor environments. 


  • Overhead fall arrest anchor point
  • Single or dual independent articulating arms for 1- or 2-person system
  • Overhead anchor point of approx. 5.7m and 3.0m offset
  • Provides 360° protection with arms that can wrap around the back of the post, providing up to a 10.5m safe work zone
  • Rotational boom allows for the anchor point to be above the worker, reducing hazardous swing falls
  • Inbuilt in-line energy absorber and fall indicator
  • Installation on engineered concrete slabs as little as 150mm thick
  • Small footprint of just 0.5m x 0.5m and installed with 8x M16 anchor bolts
  • Quick and simple field installations with bolt-together components – no welding required
  • Reduces the free fall distance to no greater then 600mm when used with an approved type 2 inertia reel
  • Constructed using a combination of 6061-T6 aluminium and HDG steel to suit the harshest of environments
  • Ideal for loading and unloading situations, inside or outside, working on mobile plant and general work at heights activities
  • Design, tested and certified to AS/NZS5532:2013, EN795:2012, ANSI Z359.18:2017 and OSHA
  • AirDavit Plan & Elevation

BTS AirDavit


Part No.40010 (1 user)40012 (2 user)
Ultimate Strength Rating:15kN per anchor point (User must be attached with a self-retracting lifeline)
Capacity (Fall Arrest):Max. 1 worker weighing not more than 136 kg eachMax. 2 worker weighing not more than 136 kg per arm
Allowable MAF Rating for SRL's:4kN4kN
Height:5.8m Max.5.8m Max
Foot print:0.5 x 0.5m0.5 x 0.5m
Weight:315kg (Post) 77kg (arm)
Anchorage type:Limited Free FallLimited Free Fall


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Any worker using this equipment must receive appropriate training from their employer on all equipment involved prior to operating. All users must read and fully understand the product manual and any other instruction manual(s) relating to the system being used, or have the instructions fully explained to them before using this equipment.
In addition to training specific to this equipment, all users must be properly trained in the use of any accessories used with the system, as well as fall protection, confined space safety and any other applicable training related to the work being performed, in compliance with local regulations.
Document training records should be kept for all users of this equipment.

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