Height Safety Engineered

When working at heights, there are certain tools and equipment that can make projects safer and more efficient. Beaver Technology Services features a variety of height safety engineered products that can make work on a site less hazardous.
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Beaver Technology Services is the top choice for height safety and confined space safety products in Australia. We help our clients create the safest possible work environments to prevent worker or bystander injury. Our testing and research laboratory is accredited by NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) for lifting and safety equipment, and our products adhere to all regulations.

Our company offers many height safety engineered solutions to meet your business’s needs. Whether you need air hooks, rail systems, servicing platforms, fall arrest trailers, or free-standing mobile stair systems—we’ve got it.

The quality of your equipment can mean the difference between a safe and unsafe work environment. Our products are designed to be as durable and reliable as possible to enable maximum safety in hazardous environments. Our research and testing lab tests the equipment to the highest standards of regulatory agencies. As a result, our clients can be sure that they’ll get the best quality safety equipment for their projects.

Beaver Technology Services is a company that aims to provide the best of the best when it comes to safety at heights and in confined spaces. We’ve got years of experience in the field and offer detailed consultation for our safety products and services.

If you require height safety products for short projects, you don’t have to purchase them outright. Through Lifeline Easyhire, you can rent our top-of-the-line equipment for as little as $100 per day.

If you’re interested in our products and services, contact us directly to learn more.