Transport Restraint

If your business is involved in the moving, packing, loading, or unloading of a vehicle, you must include optimal transport restraints for loads on the vehicle. There are some basic legal requirements for transport load restraint in Australia. Using the right equipment can help you adhere to these laws and increase safety on the road.

If you aren’t familiar with transport restraint equipment—that’s where we come in. Beaver Technology Services will provide you with the safest and most reliable transport restraints in the region.
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High-quality materials are a must when choosing safety equipment. If a transport restraint breaks or malfunctions while your vehicle is on the road, it could lead to injuries or property damage. With our products, you can be sure that any heavy loads on the vehicle will remain attached securely.

Our research and testing laboratory is accredited by NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) for various safety tests. It ensures that all the products we provide are reliable and comply with the rules set by regulatory agencies.

Depending on the load that you’re transporting, you’ll want to use different transport restraint systems. We feature edge protection systems in different sizes, so you can choose one that best suits your vehicle and the load that it carries. All of our products can be locked securely to your vehicle, and they’re easy to install. When not in use, our edge protection systems can be stored with minimal use of space.

Beaver Technology Services offers a wide variety of products for safety at heights, safety in confined spaces, and safety when transporting vehicle loads. Whether you need a davit, lifeline, or transport restraints, we offer all of them and much more! Contact us directly to learn more about our products and services, as well as to receive consultation for their application.