Anchor Points

Falls injure thousands of workers in Australia every year. It’s an incredibly common risk when working at heights. Because of this, having adequate harness anchor points is essential for maximizing safety in these environments.
Beaver Technology Services is the most reliable provider of anchors and roof anchor point systems in Sydney. We offer a wide selection of products that can keep employees safe while working at heights or in confined spaces.
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Any worksite that features work at heights requires anchor points. They are used in tandem with other heigh safety protection systems to ensure that workers can complete their tasks without risk of falling. We offer temporary anchor points made of high quality materials that can support different amounts of weight. Our research and testing laboratory ensures that every piece of equipment we offer is up to the standards set by regulatory agencies. We are even accredited by NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) and have passed an assortment of tests for height safety equipment. If you want reliable temporary roof anchor points, harness anchor points, or rope access anchor points—you can count on us.

Beaver Technology Services can provide your company with various height safety systems and accessories. Among our selection, you’ll find spars, locks, anchors, and many different kinds of anchor points. We have a solution for all kinds of work environments at heights, and we offer consultation on how to utilise them properly in any given situation. 

Anchors and anchor points aren’t the only height safety products that we provide. We also offer safety harnesses, guard railings, controlled descent devices, free standing stair and rail systems, and much more.

When it comes to height safety, Beaver Technology Systems are the top experts in the field. We have the best height safety systems in the region, and we offer detailed consultation. If you require assistance with a particular project, contact us to learn more about our products and services. We’ll help you maximise safety in dangerous work environments.