BTS SMITHLIGHT Emergency Inflatable Lighting (EIL) Tower

The SMITHLIGHT® EMERGENCY INFLATABLE LIGHTING (EIL) Tower is a unique portable, inflatable and lightweight lighting tower solution for the illumination of large areas with 95,000 lumens (Lm) with the capability to be increased to 190,000 Lumens (Lm).


  • Lightweight and compact packed in a single ABS container that can easily be stored in the boot of a car or carried by hand by one person.
  • Simple and effective design and manufacture to make any lighting job easy.
  • Quick assembly and disassembly; Can be fully extended in seconds and completely disassembled again in minutes.
  • Adjustable in height of up to 5 meters requiring minimal components.
  • Standard low-beam lighting provides 360 degrees coverage with the option to semi-isolate the light in a fixed direction thereby allowing for work at height activities
  • The cylindrical fabric tower is manufactured in a double resin fire retardant finish which provides high levels of resistance to cuts and tearing in harsh work environments
  • Type O explosion proof lamp surrounded with double glazed tempered glass which is protected by a metal enclosure to prevent any damage to the lamp
  • The patented cylindrical fabric diffuser low beam light allows for very little contrast index allowing for tasks to be completed up to 50 meters away from direct light source
  • The cylindrical tower features an integrated load bearing structure where positive air is constantly blown in under pressure. The high internal air pressure protects the tower from damage under adverse weather conditions and is wind rated to up to 90km/h
  • All EIL towers systems also support accessories such as mountable video cameras, aerials and repeaters to the top of the tower for surveillance and communications operations



SMITHLIGHT EIL® Systems products are available with or without built-in autonomous power generators.
With a generator, the system is completely autonomous and can also be powered from the mains. It is therefore able to satisfy the most diverse requirements.
When there is no autonomous generator, it can be used to temporarily light vast areas of space at fairs, conventions, sports meetings and events requiring rapid dismantling.
Finally, the possibility of placing several lamps parallel to each other means rapidly lighting extremely vast areas without requiring highly specialized personnel. This opens up numerous possibilities for use in the field of industrial maintenance, in any occasion requiring brief operations carried out at night. Furthermore, given its versatility, the system can be applied in various operations and missions in under-equipped territories in the military sector.

Raising & Lowering




Allows the load-bearing structure of the EIL SYSTEMS tower to vertically extend in just  seconds, thereby bringing the light, aerials, wireless repeaters and video cameras to their operating height.


Ensures the load-bearing structure gradually moves from up to down. It takes minutes to deflate, fold up and close the container.



A range of OEM accessories are available that allows for the securing of the EIL tower to mobile equipment i.e. trucks, earthmoving machinery, forklift trucks, ATV’s and many other mobile equipment in general (speed restrictions apply when moving and transporting).

Also available as an accessory is a Lighting-Plus kit which doubles the light output from 95,000Lm to 190,000Lm.

Customised messages and logos can also be applied to the inflatable EIL tower upon clients request.

Power connection to install a 3G wireless transmission video camera




  1. 230/240V – 50Hz plug in mains – power
  2. Either petrol or diesel self-powering generating unit
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