SRL & Recovery Winches

Recovery winch solutions are crucial for work at heights and in confined spaces. They allow the quick and effective recovery of personnel from hazardous environments, keeping them from harm’s way. With this in mind, Beaver Technology Services aims to provide the highest quality winch solutions to help maximise safety on these types of hazardous worksites.
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Our company can offer businesses strong and durable recovery winches for work in various environments. If you require a portable recovery winch, self retracting lifeline, or any other form of safety equipment—we can provide it and much more.

One of our goals at Beaver Technology Services is to outdo the competition with one thing—quality. Our research and testing lab ensures that every product we provide is as tough and reliable as possible, maximizing the safety of our client’s workers in hazardous environments. If you want to provide the highest level of safety when working at heights or in confined spaces—our products are the best choice.

One of the hallmarks of our products is their reliability. You can count on our products to keep workers safe in hazardous environments efficiently. We offer the best self retracting lifeline on the market, so workers can protect themselves with minimal assistance from recovery teams if necessary.

Beaver Technology Services is an industry leader in height safety products and services. We offer a diverse range of tools and equipment that will guarantee the safety of your workers when working at heights and in confined spaces. Our company even offers rentals for various equipment at prices as low as $100 per day. With our help, you can make your worksite as safe as possible without breaking the bank. Contact us directly to learn more about our products and services.