Liftket Chain Hoists

Liftket hoists are specialised pieces of equipment that serve the same function as regular hoists but do so with additional safety measures. This brand of electric chain hoists can lift weights ranging from a hundred and twenty-five kg to twenty-five tonnes. They can work just about anywhere and lift heavy weights to a height of 200 meters. They’re durable, reliable, and help keep worksites safer and more efficient. Having a Liftket hoist at your disposal can improve operations significantly.
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Liftket Australia Providers

Beaver Technology Services is one of the top providers of Liftket in Australia. We have a variety of these essential worksite tools at our disposal. If you require any Liftket solution for your worksite, Beaver Technology Services can help.

One of the main benefits of Liftket chain hoists is that they use a unique safety brake system that can prevent weights from falling during a malfunction. In the event of a clutch or motor failure, the brake will continue to hold the weight in place. This is achieved with some clever engineering by putting the clutch between the brake and motor. Despite the additional measures added to the Liftket hoist, the compact and efficient design leaves minimal headroom, allowing it to lift enormous weights. As a result, you have a strong and reliable hoist that provides maximum safety when lifting.

To learn more about the Liftket products that we provide here at Beaver Technology Services, you can contact us directly.

Our company also offers a wide assortment of height and confined space safety products that can come in handy in hazardous environments. If you require davits, lifelines, mobile walkways, or any other kind of safety device, you should get in touch with us. We can customise many of the products to better fit the needs of your worksite, allowing you to optimise productivity in plenty of different ways.