Beaver Technology Services

Beaver Technology Services (BTS), a company rich in history of providing Australian companies with practical and innovative product solutions for Industrial Fall Protection applications including working at heights and in confined spaces. BTS as a business has a unique client proposition that differentiates itself from other height safety companies locally and abroad. With a strong focus on product innovation, BTS standard off-the-shelf product offer is wide ranging with many different product options.

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Every work environment is unique in its own way and with BTS comprehensive product selection, we are able to meet the requirements even for the most challenging work environments.

On the occasion where a client is seeking a customised engineered product solution, BTS’s in-house design, engineering & fabrication team are ready and go to work to create a product solution in-line with the client brief. From concept to completion, it all starts with a specific site consultation and moves all the way through to design & engineering, manufacturing, installation and training.

BTS prides itself on paramount customer service.

With over 60 years of combined experience, our designers, engineers, installers, trainers and sales people are fall protection industry elite throughout Australia. We are knowledgeable, dependable and professional.

The team at BTS believes that creating a culture of innovation requires a continuous balancing act between focused attention and a questioning mind. Achieving this requires creating and capturing opportunities in new ways by improvising on the already existing product, processes and services.

It is the goal of every BTS team member to create lasting relationships with our clients. At BTS we take a hands-on pragmatic approach to develop winning products that accommodates each clients unique and evolving requirements. By working closely with our clients we challenge every aspect of every detail; ensuring that our clients are provided with the right solution, that actually delivers a real return on investment.