NEO50/NEO60 Lifting Hooks

NEO50/NEO60 Lifting Hooks

The NEO50 & NEO60 lifting hooks have been designed as a solution for lifting and transporting any load, as well as for oversized lifting points of up to 130mm Ø. With their 50,000 kgs. (110,231 lbs.)/60,000 kgs. (132,277 lbs.) lifting capacity and advanced safety and productivity features, the NEO50/NEO60 lifting hooks are the smartest lifting solution yet.

  • The NEO50 lifting hook has a Working Load Limit (WLL) of 50,000kgs./110,023lbs.
  • The NEO50 lifting hook has a safety factor of 4:1.
  • The NEO60 lifting hook has a Working Load Limit (WLL) of 60,000kgs./132,277lbs.
  • The NEO60 lifting hook has a safety factor of 3:1.
  • The life span of the NEO60 lifting hook is limited to 20,000 lifts. (UNE-EN 13155:2004+A2)
  • The NEO60 lifting hook carries an electromechanical counter for cycle recording.
  • Ideal for oversized lifting points (up to 130mm Ø)
  • Remote engage and release of load
  • Fail-safe Design: Impossible to drop a suspended load

How does it Work?

The NEO lifting hook approaches the lifting point and once the trigger
makes contact with the lifting point the closing operation begins.
Once NEO’s sensor recognizes the hook is in the closed position, it latches automatically, with the LED’s status changing from green (open), to red, (intermediate state), and finally to blue (closed).

It is at that moment that the cargo is ready to be lifted and transported.


Always On

With the “Always On” mode, the colour code scheme of the LED status indicator will always be visible. Blue – for closed – and green – for open – are continuous for 10 seconds and then take an intermittent pattern in order to save battery. Activate this mode by pushing the top button beside the battery.

Battery Duration:
5,000 cycles / 250 hours in standby mode.

NEO50 smart nap GIF

LED Status Indicator *

Besides their fail-safe design, as with the rest of our lifting products, the NEO50 & NEO60 also carry a High-Brightness LED status indicator, an additional safety measure which shows the lifting hook’s status at all times with a bright 4 colour colour-code scheme visible from the operator’s position.

Green: Lifting Hook is Open / Release Load
Red: Intermediate: Do Not Lift!
Blue: Lifting Hook is Closed / Lift & Manoeuvre Load
White: Low Battery



NEO50 Led Status Indicator GIF


Smart Nap

The “Smart Nap” mode reduces battery consumption by activating the LED’s colour-code scheme when the NEO’s hook commences its closing motion. Up until that moment, the lifting hook is in sleeper mode and its electronics and battery are not active.

Battery Duration:
5,000 cycles / up to 2 months in standby mode.


NEO50 smart nap GIF

Smart Battery

You will never have to worry about a discharged battery with the
rechargeable Li-Ion technology of NEO’s high-capacity battery.

When the hook is in Smart Nap Mode, its electronics and LED status indicator
will not activate themselves until the hook has made contact with the load’s
lifting point, improving the batteries’ efficiency and energy consumption.

The slot cover is also protected with a safety lock which
protects the battery from falling in case of impact.

By means of the eMAX remote control, the electronics of the lifting hook
can be configured so that when the battery charge is below
a preset threshold by the user, the hook can only be opened.
With this threshold, even is the battery is almost discharged,
you will always be able to open the lifting hook and release the load.

NEO50-Smart Battery

Load Cell *

Both the NEO50 & NEO60 are equipped with a load cell.

This load cell is precise, reliable, rugged, compact and fully integrated into the
lifting hook, representing no increase in weight or dimensions of the unit.

With the load cell, as of 1% of the working load limit of the hook, the intermittence
of the LED Status Indicator is of a higher frequency. With this feature, it is visually
recognizable that the lifting hook is closed and with a suspended load.

.* This feature is optional


NEO50/NEO60 LOAD Cell Gif

Metal Tip *

A metal tip can be inserted to facilitate NEO’s orientation and approach to the lifting point.
Fabricated from high-strength steel, it is reinforced to protect the hook against impacts.

NEO50/NEO60 metal tip GIF


Laser Pointer

As an optional feature, the NEO20S carries a Laser Pointer.

It acts as a guide to perfectly place and set the lifting hook
in the correct position when approaching the lifting point.

To activate it, simply press the button beside the battery slot.

* This feature is optional


Remote Controlled

Simply open and close the automatic crane hooks or receive real-time information of weight, battery level, and other values of the lifting and manoeuvring operation.
Just like our NEO20 and NEO50 lifting hooks and C5 and eTrack lifting clamps, the automatic crane hook can be paired to the eMAX, eMINI and/or eINST installable remote controls.

e2 remote controls

Fail-safe Designed

Thanks to its fail-safe design, once the load is correctly placed on the lifting hook,
it is not possible to release or drop the cargo that is being lifted..

Fail Safe Design

Manual Override

If there’s ever the need to manually override NEO’s electronics, the process is very simple.
At ground level, simply open the cover and wait until LEDs turn green.
If the manual override process has to be carried out at height a simple 3 step procedure is all it takes:

  1. Insert the end/tip of pole in the cover’s slot.
  2. lower the end/tip of pole until it reaches the narrow lower bottom end of the cover’s slot.
  3. Pull until the cover opens and wait until LEDs turn green.

NEO50/NEO60 Manual Override

Manual Override

On The Ground

At Height


See it in action

Lifting Procedure




Lifting and Handling Bell Furnaces




Regulatory Standards

The NEO50 & NEO60 lifting hooks certify with the following regulatory standards:


ETSI EN 300 220-1 V3.1.1ETSI EN 303 446-2 V1.1.0UNE-EN 607301:2013
ETSI EN 300 220-2 V3.1.1UNE-EN 1050EN 10204 3.1.B
ETSI EN 303 446-1 V1.1.0UNE-EN 13135:2013

NEO50 & NEO60

UNE-EN 60204-1:2007UNE-EN 61000-6-4:2007UNE-EN 61000-6-2:2006
UNE-EN ISO12100:2012


UNE-EN 13155:2004+A2


Directive on Machine Safety (D2006/42/EC).

EMC Directive (2014/30/EU).

Low Voltage Directive (2014/35/EU).

Radio Equipment Directive (2014/53/EU).

Assurance of Production Quality in accordance with ISO9001.

ARIB Construction Design Certification Number 203-JN0689.

FCC Identifier 2ACLHEVO for Equipment Class: Digital Transmission System.

Each mechanism is delivered with the CE stamp and a declaration of CE conformity.

elebia is a member of F.E.M. (European Federation of Materials Handling).




NEO50/NEO60 Lifting Hooks

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