• Quad Frame & HD Crane 2 men attached Wide
  • Quad Frame & HD Crane 2 men attached Medium
  • Quad Frame & HD Crane 2 men attached Top
  • Quad Frame & HD Crane 2 men attached Working
  • Quad Frame & HD Crane 2 men attached Up Shot
  • Quad Frame & HD Crane 2 men attached Standing

The Mobile B-Rail System (MBRS) allows you to place mobile overhead anchor points where you need them in your workplace.

These systems slide into position over equipment or other equipment being accessed, and provide ground-up fall protection for your elevated work activities. The built in horizontal rail affords the simplicity of a rail-and-trolley system while allowing users a full range of motion over the work area, keeping your workers safe without interfering with their jobs.


  • Versatility: The quad frame can be utilised over a variety of equipment, vehicles and structures.
  • Mobility: Engineered for easy transportation and mobility
  • Lightweight: Easily moved by hand
  • Available with Urethane wheels for indoor & Pneumatic for outdoor use
  • Leveling jacks incorporated in to the wheel assemblies
  • Optional side stabilizer & tow bar packages available
  • Dual rail systems allow up to 4 people to work simultaneously 

* Custom widths and heights available



Part No.ModelWidth (W)Length (L)Height (H)RailWheels*
701454.5 single rail3.654.754.871U
701464.8 single rail3.654.875.481U
701474.8 dual rail3.654.875.482P
701488.2 dual rail4.368.236.702P

*  U = Urethane   P = Pneumatic

Quad Frame Single rail 6x4x7

L: 6 x W: 4 x H: 7 metres Single Rail up to 2 workers

Quad-frame Double Rail 10x10x5

L: 10 x W: 10 x H: 5 metres Dual Rail up to 4 workers

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