Materials Handling

With years of experience in the industry, Beaver Technology Services is one of Australia’s most reliable distributors of material handling products. We supply a large number of clients with tools and equipment that can help them load, unload, transport, and secure materials. Using our wide variety of innovative solutions, you can improve worksite operations and safety significantly.
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BTS carry an extensive range of Lifting and materials handling products; the range includes Liftket electric chain hoists in capacities to 25 tonne, a full range of chain blocks and lever blocks, polyester flat and round slings with capacities up 50 tonne, among others

When it comes to material handling equipment, there’s no better choice than Beaver Technology Services. In our catalogue of material handling equipment products, you’ll find everything from slings and chain blocks to davit cranes. All of our products are meticulously designed to provide optimal safety and reliability. If you require a top-notch solution for material handling in Australia—Beaver Technology Services is your first stop.

One of the reasons we’re one of the best material handling manufacturers in the region is that we focus on one thing—quality. We design our products to be durable and to withstand the difficult conditions of different kinds of worksites. Our research and testing laboratory is accredited by NATA, and it ensures that every piece of equipment adheres to the highest standards. With our products, you can increase safety and efficiency on the worksite significantly.

Material handling is a complex industry, and the equipment needs of a business vary depending on the materials and the environment. Because of this, Beaver Technology Services offers a wide array of products and services that can help increase productivity. Whether you need a crane or hoist, we provide everything in one place.

Beaver Technology Services specialises in products for safety at heights and in confined spaces. We produce many different solutions for diverse work environments that can help maximise safety and productivity. If you want to learn more about our solutions or receive consultation, you can contact us directly.