Beaver Technology Services offers some of the best weld-on lugs in the industry. We understand that a reliable weld-on lug can mean the difference between dropping a load and getting it to its destination. This is why our manufacturing process uses the highest quality materials to create the most durable weld-on lugs you can find in the region. With our products, you can be sure that your lifting and safety needs will be met.

Our weld-on lugs are created with simplicity and ease of use. The working load limit of the lugs doesn’t depend on the angle of lifting, so you can transport materials at any angle without worry. As long as you stick to the limit, we can guarantee that the lugs won’t fail or malfunction. Getting the lug assembly into position via welding is easy with our weld-on lugs, so you won’t have to stress about installation problems.

Weld-on lugs are just some of the many lifting solutions we offer here at Beaver Technology Services. We are industry leaders in lifting and height and confined space safety. If you require any tools or equipment for these areas—we can provide them at affordable prices. To learn more about our company and products, contact us directly and see how we can help your business improve safety and efficiency.

Weld-on Lifting Lugs


As a high strength attachment point for both lifting and lashing, Btech-Alloy V Weld-on Lugs offer a permanent solution. Applications for this leading edge product are in all sectors of mining, rail and road transportation, construction, marine and offshore exploration.

Capacities Available

WLL in tonnes
1.5, 2.5, 4, 6.7, 10 & 16.


  • The Working Load Limit remains constant at any angle of lift.
  • Welding the lug assembly into the desired position is easily achieved with weld height lugs under the weld block.
  • The lug and weld block are made using Grade 100 Alloy Steel, then quenched and tempered.
  •  All B-Tech Alloy V Weld-on Lugs are magnetically crack inspected (MPI) after manufacture.
  • Lifting lug is finished in powder coated baked enamel for greater corrosion resistance.
  • The lifting lug and weld block are marked with BT-ALLOY V, WLL (Working Load Limit) and the month and year of manufacture along with an individual test number for easy tracing and identification.
  • Designed to lay flat when not in use.
  • Detailed welding instructions are supplied with each set.
  • Test Certificate available.




Welding Instructions
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