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The BTRENCHSAFE® Mesh Barriers are an ideal product solution for construction sites requiring practical solutions to manage the risks of injury to personnel from dropped objects when working within open ground excavations.

Each BTRENCHSAFE® Mesh Barrier is lightweight yet robust in construction and complements sites who use the BTRENCHSAFE® Aluminium Guardrails as a physical barricade around open shoring excavations. Small mesh pockets prevent penetration of debris, tools and other small equipment from falling into the excavation resulting in injury to workers below.
The BTRENCHSAFE® Mesh Barriers can be installed by 1 person in a matter of seconds onto an existing BTS® Aluminium Guardrail using the patent pending aluminum alloy securing latch.
BTRENCHSAFE® Mesh Barriers are tested to and meet the requirements of AS/NZS and EN product safety and strength standards.

BTS Product Code:
BTS6000-05EPS (1 single panels approximately 0.5m x 1m )

BTS6000-11EPS (1 single panels approximately 1m x 1m )

This security mesh system acts as a visual barrier that has been tested in accordance with AS/NZS and EN product safety and strength standards


  • Lightweight panels, weigh only 5.5 and  9kg
  • Durable finish with option of powder coating in company colours
    Now available in BTRENCHSAFE® corporate colours of orange
  • 0.5m x 1m and 1m x 1m mesh panels
  • Two top hooks on securing points for securing to aluminium guardrails
  • Two steel security pin devices for securing to aluminium guardrail to avoid accidental dislodgement
  • Extra wide and slanted kick plate at the bottom to also incorporate custom msgs for bulk qty orders.
  • To be used in conjunction with the BTRENCHSAFE® 2m, 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m & 4m Aluminium Guardrails
  • Company logo and website can be stenciled on the kick plates for easy identification and advertising purposes
  • Tested and complies with requirements of AS/NZS and EN standards
  • Storage Racks can be stacked up to three (3) high.
  • Storage rack hold 27 Mesh Barriers and can be lifted / moved with a crane using the top included rated M16 eye bolts or suitably rated forklift.




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