The BTRENCHSAFE® Fall Arrest Post Kit

consists of an engineered and rated fall arrest post that is designed to slot into either side of the BTRENCHSAFE® Access/Egress Shoring Platform, 9mtr inertia reel (x1), safety harness (x1) and safety bunting dropper line all supplied within a rugged hard wearing black canvas bag. The Kit is designed to be used in conjunction with the BTRENCHSAFE® Access/Egress Shoring Platform to allow sites to be compliant with 2014 Safe Work Australia Codes of Practice for Excavations and also 2013 Codes of Practice for Managing the Risks of Falls in Workplace by having an appropriate fall arrest system in place whilst accessing ground excavations.

BTS Product Code: BTS6928-LP-EP


  • All products comply to relevant Australian Standards including AS/NZS1891 (parts 1 & 4), AS/NZS 5532, and relevant Codes of Practice. Products are also certified by a RPEQ for use within Queensland.

BTRECHSAFE ® Fall Arrest Post Kit Contents

HWS18_01BTH1200CS Harness
Fall Arrest Post
9 mtr Inertia Reel
2 x BTH1000 Harness
Img9339 bunting onlyBTRENCHSAFE Davit carry bag Large
Safety BUNTING Dropper lineBlack Canvas reinforced Bag
  • Fall Arrest Post Kit

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