PRO-Series Permanent davit bases are designed for permanent installations at locations where repeated or frequent use is required. Permanent bases are available in a variety of designs, finishes, and material to meet site specific requirements.

Heavy Duty Floor and Wall Mount Bases are intended typically for custom applications where an increased moment load capacity is required, for example: larger off sets or multiple system users. Please contact Beaver Technology Services or your local distributor for help in selecting the best base for your application.

Davit Base Cap

BTS can provide you with a cap to prevent build up of water and debris in the internals of davit bases.

Available in;

Mild Steel (CS-500)        Part No. 30019
304 SS (Sandblasted)    Part No. 30069      

  Material Finish
  Sandblasted (316 SS)Sandblasted (304 SS)Hot Dip Gal (MS)CS-500 (MS)316  (SS)
 Flush Floor Mount Bases     
Flush Floor Mount (existing concrete) 30038 300223001830021-
Core Mount Flush Mount30064300633006130062-
Core Mount Flush Mount (SS)----BFMDB0355
 Floor Mount30047300303004830031-
Heavy Duty Floor Mount3008730084BTS002530085-
Heavy Duty Floor Mount (SS)----BFMDB0155
Wall Mount 4 point3005330033BTS002430032-
Wall Mount 4 point (SS)----BFMDB0255
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