Diversion Sheave

BTECH® anchor point Deflection Sheave Block and karabiner

for attaching a HRA lifeline when a HRA Device is mounted onto an aluminium rescue tripod, davit or AirHook.
The Deflection Sheave Block is clipped onto the eye at the top of the anchor point with the HRA lifeline passing through it. The pulley is rust-proof and corrosion-resistant stainless steel and comes complete with screwgate karabiner.


  • Sheave Manufactured, Tested & Certified to EN362:2004/B and EN12278.
  • Karabiner Manufactured, Tested & Certified to CE1019.



Deflection Sheave Block (41-Z20)

Pulley Type:Single
Pulley Size:6 - 8mm
Rated Capacity:1 persons (136kg including operator and any equipment)
Standard:EN362:2004/B and EN12278.
  • 41-Z20 Diversion Block
  • 41-Z20- Diversion Sheave OPEN

Screw Gate Oval Karabiner

Ultimate Strength: 23kN
Karabiner Opening: 18mm
Material: Aloy Steel
Finish: Nickei Chromium Plated
Standard: CE1019
Part No. Description
41-Z20 Deflection Sheave Block with S/S Karabiner
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