Tripods are essential pieces of equipment for any operations within confined spaces.

One of their main purposes is to simplify access and escape for workers that are set to operate within these hazardous areas. At the same time, they can make it much easier to rescue workers if something goes wrong. An injured worker can be winched back to safety with the help of a tripod.

The BTS Pro Series Tripods remain the markets first choice as a suitably rated anchorage device for when workers are entering confined spaces and for use in fall arrest and rescue applications.

  • Tripod & Bag
  • TRPOD-Bare

Tripod with Manhole

Tripod & Bag


  • Individually adjustable telescopic legs with toe spikes, bolt/peg holes and chain holes for added stability.
  • BTS-Klick dual action quick release buttons for fast and reliable height adjustment.
  • Lightweight aluminium construction.
  • Tripod head features integrated pulley wheel allowing for winch wire cable to pass through center of Tripod.
  • Additional rated 3 tie-off points in the Tripod head for attaching additional personal fall protection equipment.
  • Powder coated in Hi-Vis Safety Orange for ease of identification in trafficable work areas.
  • Compatible for use with other reputable height safety manufacturer winches.
  • Tripod comes complete in canvas storage bag with wheels for ease of storage and transport by one person.
  • Minimal set up required - Assembled by one person.
  • Manufactured, Tested & Certified to AS/NZS5532-2013


PRO-3 Tripod (40014)

Maximum Height:3.02m
Minimum Height:1.55m
Capacity:2 persons (Maximum weight 280kgs)
Rated:12kN per anchor point


Part No.Model DescriptionMaximum HeightCollapsed HeightWeight (Kg).
40014PRO-3, 3 m 3 stage3.02 m1.55 m19.8


Part No.Description
60202UAQuick Release Double Sided Universal Male Interface Bracket
60202UFFemale Single Pro-3G Uni Interface Davit Winch Bracket
300145SBNEW Quick Release Male Tripod Winch Bracket
60202UIIKAR PRO-3G Davit Bracket c/w Female Single Interface Brackets
60002BTECH Man / Materials Rated Winch. 18, 30, 45, 60, 76 & 90m wire rope lengths available
SSJC-C820S/S Material Winch c/w Female Interface Bracket with 18m x 6mm HDG W/R with G80 Swivel S/L Hook
SSJC-C820MTRated Capacity (M.R.C.) 220kg, Stainless Steel Hand Brake Winches c/w 18m x 6mm (59’ x 1/4”) 7x19 H.D.G Grade G1870 Wire rope, Double Action Swivel Safety Hook with fall arrest indicator & Quick Release Single Universal Interface Bracket. For use with Pro-Series Tripod.
HRA-12TA, HRA-18TA, HRA-24TAIKAR Recovery Winch 12, 18 or 24 m
41-Z20Diversion Sheave Block with S/S Karabiner
4006Spreader Bar



60202UA-Bracket MALE


60202UF-Bracket female




60202UI IKAR Interface Bracket


60002 Man_Materials Rated Winch


S/S Materials Winch




IKAR-HRA Recovery Winch


41-Z20 Diversion Block


4006-Confined Space Spreader-Bar


Beaver Technology Services is an industry leader in confined space safety. We aim to provide our clients with the latest and most state-of-the-art tools to help keep workers safe in these hazardous environments. We offer many different tripods that can achieve just that. Our confined space entry tripods are durable and have accessories that further increase their stability in hazardous conditions. They’re simple to use and spot in darkness, making them an ideal choice for confined spaces. Their 3 tie-off points allow for the attachment of additional fall protection equipment, making them even safer with the right tools.

Our tripods are made from a lightweight aluminium construction which allows for easy transport and use during work in confined spaces. Despite their light weight, they are some of the most durable models available on the market. Our research and testing team ensures that our tripod stands for confined space entry can endure harsh conditions in confined spaces without malfunctioning. As a result, you can receive optimal worker protection and ensure simple rescue missions if accidents occur.

Beaver Technology Services can supply you with the highest quality tripods, as well as many other necessary components for confined space safety. We specialise in providing companies with safety solutions, whether they work at heights or in confined spaces. With our help, you can maximise safety on the worksite and increase productivity significantly. To learn more about our products and services, contact us directly.

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