Aluminium Platform Ladders & Mobile Work Platforms

Mobile work platforms are the ultimate pieces of equipment for any workman. Serving as a step-ladder, a place to keep tools and a workbench, a platform ladder can truly make a day’s work considerably less burdensome for any manual labourer.

If you’re thinking of making an investment in a work platform, it’s important that you consider all the different variables carefully before deciding which particular product to purchase.

Material is of course one of the most important things to consider when it comes to buying your own work platform. The material should be strong and durable, ensuring you have a safe and stable base upon which to perform your work.

It should also be corrosive resistant, as you need a product that will be able to withstand being in relatively harsh environments without becoming weak and unusable – if your platform fails to stand the test of time then it hasn’t been a worthy investment.

Aluminium possesses all of the above characteristics, making it the perfect material for mobile work platforms. Its durability means that it won’t let you down after a couple of jobs, but will rather continue to serve you for years with the same reliability as the day you purchased it.

It also happens to be very lightweight, so it can be effortlessly carried from job to job – a trait that you and/or your employees will no-doubt be grateful for!

Our carefully constructed aluminium flat pack and fully welded platform ladder is just one of our highly demanded quality products both nationally & internationally. Constructed out of 6061T6 rated aluminium to the Australian standards with a heavy duty work rating of 200kg these platforms are hard to keep in stock!