Beaver Technology Services offers a plethora of safety solutions when working with trucks or in hazardous environments. Our portable truck access platforms can keep your workers safe while loading and unloading from vehicles. With their durable and lightweight aluminium frames, they are easy to maneuver around a worksite.

Our top priority when creating equipment for customers is always safety. We want to make sure that you have the best option for a particular project, and that your workers can do their jobs in a safe and secure manner. We can customise a truck mounted access platform to suit specific requirements and maximise safety and efficiency in your workplace.

For safety and height access equipment such as truck access platforms, reliability is absolutely crucial. You want to be sure that your equipment can endure tough environments and keep workers safe without malfunctioning. Here at Beaver Technology Services, we strive to provide the best of the best when it comes to equipment. We offer clients customised portable truck access platforms made from durable aluminium alloys, so you don’t have to worry about mishaps or malfunctions.

Our company has been in the industry for years, and we provide the highest quality height access and safety equipment in the region. We offer diverse safety solutions for working at heights and in confined spaces. Our company will also provide you with thorough consultation when it comes to our products and services and how to use them. Get in touch with us directly to learn more about our safety solutions.

  • Truck Access Platform 3M
  • Truck Access Platform 4M

  • Truck Access Platform 6M-STEP
  • Truck Access Platform 6M-STAIR

BTS® Truck Access Platforms (TAP)

Code: 3M, 4M, 6M-Step & 6M-Stair

BTS Truck Access Platforms are utilised for the safe loading/unloading of heavy vehicles. Manufactured to the Australian standards AS/NZS 1170.0-2002, AS1657-2018, AS/NZS 1892.1 :1996, with 3 years manufacturing warranty, certified by an Engineer for full OH&S compliance and added high visibility hand-railing, these units are hard to keep in stock.
Our 3M and 4M long TAP's come with step access (67° angle, 100mm step section) on one end. Our 6M TAP now comes with stair access (45° angle, 225mm stair treads) on one end. Each of our TAP's are designed with one side completely open to gain access on/off the vehicles. Full handrails can be provided upon request.

BTS Truck Access Platforms can be manufactured in lengths from a minimum of 1m to a maximum of 14m. Standard 3mm checker plate decks are provided but can be upgraded to 13mm grid mesh.

Platform Width and Length

The standard platform width we provide is 750mm but we are able to customise this size to suit your needs. Most platforms we produce are between 2M and 14M long, but much longer platforms can also be supplied. Depending on the length, we produce platforms in segments to make delivery, storage and assembly a simple and effective process

Standard Specifications

  • Standard & customised sizes
  • Made from rigid yet lightweight aluminium
  • Meets Australian Standard (AS 1657-1992)
  • 67° steps or 45° stair access angle
  • 3mm checker plate or 13mm grid mesh working deck
  • Safety screens 2.4M x 2.4M also available
  • Platforms can be joint together

Optional Extras:

  • Full Handrail
  • Wheel upgrade
  • Tool trays
  • 13mm Grid Mesh decks
Front Safety Boom Arm

Front Safety Boom Arm


Checker Plate

Box section and channel supports

Box section and channel supports


Adjustable Casters

Truck Access Platforms (TAP) Specifications
Product Code HeightHandrail Height Platform AreaTotal Base LengthApprox. WeightLoad Rating
3M14000mm900mm3000 x 750mm3480 x 750 x 2305mm147kg450kg
4M1400mm900mm4000 x 750mm4480 x 750 x 2305mm163kg450kg
6M-Step1400mm900mm6000 x 750mm6480 x 750 x 2305mm238kg450kg
6M-Stair1400mm1000mm6000 x 750mm6480 x 750 x 2305mm255kg450kg


Aftercare & Maintenance:

All our standard products have a compliance plate in conjunction with engineering certification provided for OH&S compliance. Furthermore a minimum of 3 years manufacturing warranty is provided on all our products. All our products are designed and tested to meet both Australian Manufacturing and Safety Standards. We recommend that all work platforms are inspected monthly to ensure there is no damage from external factors that can cause a safety issue to the user/s and those around. Use of a damaged platform is a hazard. If any damage is found, we recommend that you tag the platform as “out of service”, call us to discuss the required repairs in order to bring the platform back up to code.

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