Our company offers businesses a wide array of tools to simplify work at heights. This includes essential equipment such as cantilever loading platforms and cantilever platform ladders as well as many accessories that can help keep workers even safer in hazardous environments.
Beaver Technology Services ensures that all of our equipment is manufactured to the highest standards.

The most important metrics for safety equipment are durability and reliability. A cantilever access platform needs to hold the weight of a worker and the tools that they bring with them. It should also be tough enough to endure rough workshop conditions. Our cantilever ladder platforms are constructed out of aluminium with alloy tempers, and they are durable and weather-proof. When using our cantilever work platforms, you can be sure that your workers will be able to complete tasks at heights safely.

Beaver Technology Services aims to provide the best of the best safety and access equipment to our clients. We’re certified and ensure that all of our equipment is up to the highest standards in the industry. If you require a reliable cantilever loading platform, we can provide you with one that matches the specifications of the job perfectly.

We’re experts in height safety and offer comprehensive consultation to our customers. If you require any kind of assistance with our safety and access equipment, you can contact us directly, and we will assist you however we can.

  • CLP BARE Cantilever Platform
  • CLP-3 Cantilever Platforms

BTS® Aluminium Cantilever Platforms

Code: CPL3 to CPL11

BTS Aluminium provide extensive ranges of platforms with the latest being our Aluminium Cantilever Platforms. Constructed out of structural aluminium with an alloy temper of 6061T6 and a S.W.L of 200kg. These platforms have been utilised as tram and train maintenance platforms, construction platforms, fuel tank platforms and maintenance docking systems, and are designed for those hard to reach places. These units have a clearance height to push up against and/or over your required area of access.
The standard wheel system is 4 polyurethane castors but upgrades are available to scaffold castors and pneumatic castors depending upon specification. Forklift pockets can also be manufactured upon request.

Our cantilever platforms are manufactured to the Australian standards AS/NZS 1170.0-2002, AS1657-2018, AS/NZS 1892.1:1996 with 3 years manufacturing warranty.

Standard Specifications

  • 3mm Checker plate
  • Step section 67° angle
  • Powder coated safety yellow hand-railing
  • Standard 4 polyurethane
  • Safety arms at front
  • Self closing gate at rear

Optional Extras:

  • Adjustable Scaffold Castors
  • Access hoop
  • Tool tray
  • Forklift pockets
Cantilever Features Checker Plate

Checker Plate

Cantilever Features Auto lock Gate

Gate with auto lock

Cantilever Platform Features Front safety Boom Arm

Front safety boom arm

Cantilever Platform Features Cantilever Platform

Cantilever Platform

Cantilever Platform Specifications
Product CodePlatform HeightClearance HeightPlatform Area (total)Cantilever AreaHandrail HeightTotal Base Length
CPL3840mm740mm900 x 1800mm900mm900mm2160mm
CPL41120mm1020mm900 x 1800mm900mm900mm2275mm
CPL51400mm1300mm900 x 1800mm900mm900mm2400mm
CPL61680mm1580mm900 x 2000mm1000mm900mm2720mm
CPL71960mm1860mm900 x 2000mm1000mm900mm2835mm
CPL82240mm2140mm1900 x 2000mm1000mm900mm2950mm
CPL92520mm2420mm900 x 2000mm1000mm900mm3100mm
CPL102800mm2700mm1000 x 1800mm1000mm900mm3190mm
CPL113080mm2980mm1000 x 1800mm1000mm900mm3310mm


Aftercare & Maintenance:

All our standard products have a compliance plate in conjunction with engineering certification provided for OH&S compliance. Furthermore a minimum of 3 years manufacturing warranty is provided on all our products. All our products are designed and tested to meet both Australian Manufacturing and Safety Standards. We recommend that all work platforms are inspected monthly to ensure there is no damage from external factors that can cause a safety issue to the user/s and those around. Use of a damaged platform is a hazard. If any damage is found, we recommend that you tag the platform as “out of service”, call us to discuss the required repairs in order to bring the platform back up to code.

For more information on aluminium ladder platforms, phone us on +61 2 8811 3500 or email us at sales@beavergrp.com.au

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