Innovative in design, the B-Rail Overhead Rail & Trolley system is a proprietary overhead fall restraint system that is suitable for use by multiple workers.

The system incorporates high quality engineered components that are designed for industrial and commercial environments.
The B-Rail rigid rail system can span up to 9.75m between support brackets to allow for uninterrupted, smooth functioning travel via the propriety ball bearing trolley system.

The B-Rail Overhead Rail & Trolley system can be installed in overhead and side orientations for fall restraint and limited free fall applications.
The system can be used in a range of applications including maintenance of vehicles, aircraft, earth moving plant equipment and rolling stock.

The B-Rail Overhead Rail & Trolley system provides for a very robust and solid anchorage system for multiple person attachment and does not flex under normal working loads.

  • B-Rail enclosed rigid rail provides the user with unprecedented ease of movement when working below and allowing for undivided concentration on the task on hand.
  • Maximum continuous span of 9.75m between support brackets and can support 2 person per span.
  • Enclosed designed track completely eliminates the build-up of dust, debris including bird droppings on track.
  • Modular style design allows for ease of adding sections for future expansions in system design.
  • Spacer tube with end caps prevent the carriage from coming off the end of the system.
  • B-Rail proprietary ball bearing trolley system allows the user to connect to the rigid rail and allow for uninterrupted smooth travel over the entire work area.
  • The B-Rail Trolley is manufactured in Hi Tensile Steel with hard wearing Acetal wheels on sealed ball bearings resulting in minimal wear and eliminating the opportunity of 'coil-back'.



System Capacity:Two workers weighing a maximum 280kg including all clothing, tools, and equipment.
Arrest Force Rating for SRL:6kN MAX
Weight (10m assembled rail only):95.5kg
Weight (trolley):1.48 kg each
Rail Construction:Extruded 6061-T6 Aluminium
Uprights/Connectors:Galvanized / Zinc-Plated Steel
Trolley Wheels:Acetal with Sealed Ball Bearings
Hardware (minimum):Grade 5 Zinc-Plated
Finish (aluminium):Gold Anodized /-Gloss & Black powder coat
Plating Specifi cation:CS-500 Zinc Plated (Type II Zinc, SC-2, ASTM B633-85)


This product may be used as part of a complete fall arrest system designed, installed, and used under the supervision of a qualified person, meeting the applicable requirements of the following standards: EN 795, OSHA 1926.502, ANSI/ASSE Z359 & AS/NZS 1891

RAIL-Drawing-front_2 RAIL-Drawing-Section-A-A_2


Horizontal Rail trolleys

BTS has a range of trolleys to suit your specific site requirements.


  • All trolleys feature back-up safety anti-drop brackets.
  • Minimum 5 wheel stability with 8 sealed bearings for trouble free movement.
  • Large opening for ease of connection of Scaffold hooks and Karabiners.
  • Large Positional connection point.
  • Individual steel ID plates for traceability and inspection.
  • Some units have bumper bars to prevent collision between workers.


Product CodeB70213SB70144SB70055SB70274S
Rated Capacity Kgs:140Kgs140Kgs140Kgs.140Kgs
L  (Length):2172mm858mm196mm197mm
H (Height):199.125mm199.125mm199.125mm147.625mm.
D (Diameter):82.5mm 82.5mm82.5mm16mm

B70213S Large Eye Trolley with Supported Extension Arm


HR Trolley B70213S
Large Eye Trolley with Supported Extension Arm




B70144S Large Eye Trolley with Extension Arm

HR Trolley B70144S
Large Eye Trolley with Extension Arm



HR Trolley B70055S
Large Eye Trolley


HR Trolley B70274S
4 Hole Trolley


BTS 70274S






Horizontal Rail Mounting Kit

BTS70060 Horizontal Swivel hanger bracket
Code: BTS70060
Horizontal Swivel hanger bracket c/w bolts, nuts and washers


Horizontal hanger bracket_mounting rail 3 piece_ set
Code: BTS70061
Horizontal hanger bracket - mounting rail 3 piece / set
Note: Not supplied with bolts, washers, nuts or thread bars


M16 Thread bar_Nuts_Washers & Coupling nuts
Code: RTTR88GM161000  
Code: WASHERM16 
M16 Thread bar, Nuts, Washers & Coupling nuts


BTS0019EB Aluminium end bracket
Code: BTS0019EB
Aluminium end bracket
1 piece / set


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