The BTECH® Hot Work Nomex / Kevlar full body harness is manufactured using Nomex® webbing with Kevlar® inner cordage and Kevlar® stitching.

It is deigned to be used in an application where heat or sparks may be present or welding is being performed.

When a product made with Kevlar® fiber is engineered with Nomex® fiber, the result is an excellent thermal protection, strength and durability.

BTS Product Code: BTH1000K - Hot Work Nomex / Kevlar full body harness c/w front and rear fall attachment points and cool mesh back.


  • Fall Arrest - Use in conjunction with our Nomex / Kevlar lanyard attached to the front loops or rear Dee ring.
  • Restraint Technique - Use in conjunction with an adjustable energy absorbing lanyard to rear Dee ring or front loops to limit access to fall situations.
  • Recovery & Rescue - Using both front loops connected together.


  • Light-weight, colour fast Nomex webbing with inner Kevlar cordage.
  • Front and rear fall arrest attachment points.
  • Fully adjustable leg, shoulder and chest straps.
  • Quick release buckles on chest strap and legs.
  • Rear Dee and front fall arrest rated loops.
  • RFID chip for smart tracking.
  • Manufactured to AS/NZS1891.1-2007 and 3rd party certified by Global Mark.
  • Trauma straps (OPTIONAL).


  • Both the Rear Dee and the Front Loops are rated for fall arrest.
  • The attachment points are only to be used for the purpose indicated on their respective labels.

Chlorine bleach or chlorine generating chemicals should not be used with Kevlar®.

Fitting Instructions:

When using the front attachment points on the harness, both loops must be connected together as per AS/NZS 1891.1 - 2007.

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Any worker using this equipment must receive appropriate training from their employer on all equipment involved prior to operating. All users must read and fully understand the product manual and any other instruction manual(s) relating to the system being used, or have the instructions fully explained to them before using this equipment.
In addition to training specific to this equipment, all users must be properly trained in the use of any accessories used with the system, as well as fall protection, confined space safety and any other applicable training related to the work being performed, in compliance with local regulations.
Document training records should be kept for all users of this equipment.

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