The BTS® Escalator Line Restraint System (ELRS), allows for a maximum of two (2) workers to be attached to the line system and perform required tasks working at heights, while adhering to fall restraint techniques.

  • Two Men working on escalator attached to temporary fall restraint line
  • Two Men working on escalator attached to temporary fall restraint line Close-up

Escalator Line Restraint System (ELRS)

Code: 7732-GA-INS


  • Setup is possible by a single person.
  • Lightweight 25kg tripod style top anchorage.
  • Kit can be packed within a rugged backpack / carry bag to protect against soiling and for ease of transportation. (optional)
  • In-line force management system allows for less penetrations in anchorage.
  • Only requires 4 anchor bolts to mount the system. Anchors can be either chem-set or undercut mechanical anchors.
  • Adjustable length system – up to 35m.
  • Simple ratchet style line tensioning.
  • Up to two (2) persons, weighing a maximum of 140kg (310lb) each, including all clothing, tools and equipment.
  • Inbuilt fall indicator.
  • Narrow footprint allows workers to walk past the top anchorage.

Escalator Line Restraint System Overview

Escalator Line Restraint System basic dimensions

TRAINING Any worker using this equipment must receive appropriate training from their employer on all equipment involved prior to operating. All users must read and fully understand the product manual and any other instruction manual(s) relating to the system being used, or have the instructions fully explained to them before using this equipment. In addition to training specific to this equipment, all users must be properly trained in the use of any accessories used with the system, as well as fall protection, confined space safety and any other applicable training related to the work being performed, in compliance with local regulations. Document training records should be kept for all users of this equipment.

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