• BTECH Mobile Plant Safety Kit
  • machinery
  • Using MPSLK with rope lanyard
  • Using MPSLK with IKAR twin inertia reels

BTSHLLKIT – The BTECH Mobile Plant Safety Kit provides a solution for working at heights activities on fixed & mobile plant equipment. The kit is an ideal solution for workers needing to access the top of equipment to undertake maintenance or inspection work. For ease of storage and transport from site to site the components come in a heavy duty bag. The Mobile Plant Safety Line Kit can be setup by one worker in a few minutes.

Complies to AS/NZS1891.1-2020 & AS/NZS1891.5-2020

Kit Features

  • Fall protection for one worker.
  • Lightweight harness.
  • Worker has option of using a twin tail inertia reel or adjustable single leg rope lanyard for optimal set up of fall protection.
  • Packed into a rugged backpack / carry bag to protect against soiling and for ease of transportation.
  • Manufactured to AS/NZS1891.1-2020, AS/NZS1891.5-2020 3rd party certified by Global Mark.

What's Included

BTL1552-ADJ12m Single leg rope Lanyard.
BR210015115m x 12mm Kernmantle rope with triple action hook one end and manual rope grab.
BRS2000x122 tonne 1 m round sling / Attachment strap.
BNA35TR2Triple action karabiner.
BNS50TE3Large triple action karabiner.
HWDB-21Ikar inertia reel
BTSG0113Fibre rope grabs
BSG246RWK1BTECH Backpack / Kit Bag



BTH1200CS Harness With Feature

BTH1200cs Harness

BTH1200CS Full Body Harness c/w Front & Rear Fall Arrest Attachment points and confined space retrieval loops. Complies to AS/NZS 1891.1.2007

Applications and Usage

  • Fall Arrest - Use in conjunction with an energy absorbing lanyard or inertia reel device attached to the Front Loops or rear Dee ring
  • Restraint Technique - Use in conjunction with an adjustable energy absorbing lanyard to rear Dee ring or front loops to limit access to fall situations.
  • Recovery & Rescue using both front loops connected together.
  • Retrieval Loops for connecting with spreader bar for confined space applications.


  • Manufactured from light weight, colour fast polyester webbing that is hard wearing, durable and UV resistant.
  • Front and rear fall-arrest attachment points as standard. the large rear Dee and front loops make attachment easy.
  • Shoulder Loops for confined space applications, to be used in conjunction with a spreader bar.
  • Leg, shoulder and chest straps are fully adjustable which makes the harness comfortable and provides a secure fit.
  • The rear mesh panel allows ventilation whilst helping the harness to retain its shape also aids when fitting.
  • The instruction label use pictograms to help to assist understanding attachment point use and assist with fitting of harness.
  • Front fall-arrest attachment loops are secured in the parked position via velcro tabs when not required.
  • Forged and heat treated buckles and Dee ring provide the optimum level of safety, increased strength and a better protection over stamped alternatives. Also minimises “creep” of the harness under normal wearing.
  • Sub-pelvic strap helps prevent harness “peeling off” in the event of a fall providing enhanced safety, and assists with distributing the forces generated in and during the arrest of a fall.
  • Each harness is individually proof loaded prior to the final inspection and packaging.
  • Optional RFID tag available for smart tracking.
  • Optional Trauma straps.
Material44mm polyester webbing
ColourOrange & Black colour-fast webbing
Rear DeeForged & Zinc plated, with standout feature
BucklesForged & Zinc plated 2 & 3 bar, Plus Quick release on chest & leg straps
LabelsLabelling fully protected by clear PVC
StandardsAS/NZS 1891.1.2007
Testing100% visually inspected & individually proof tested
Operating temperature-30°C to + 40°C
Max. Operator weight*150 kilograms

* including all PPE & tools carried.

BTECH 2 m Adjustable Rope Lanyard

BTL1552-ADJ – Rope Lanyard (2m)

Energy absorbing 2m (6.56 ft) adjustable rope lanyard c/w Energy absorber, kernmantle rope, triple action karabiner & rope grab. 3rd party certified by Global Mark.

Manufactured and Certified to AS/NZS 1891.1:2007.

IKAR HWDB-2 – Self Retracting Lifeline (2m)

Sturdy low maintenance, double, height safety device with webbing lifeline, for 1 person. The lifeline  2 x 2m incorporates sewn fall indicator. lightweight aluminium housing with a rotational attachment eye. Swivel double action hooks with a gate opening of 27mm on the end of each lifeline. 

IKAR HWDB-8 Twin self Retracting Lifeline


Triple Action Karabiner with Retaining pin

Part No.BNA035TR
Ultimate Strength:35kN
Karabiner Opening:26mm
Material:Alloy Steel
Finish:Orange body and black screw gate



Triple Action Large Square Gate Karabiner

Part No.BNS50TE
Ultimate Strength:50kN
Karabiner Opening:27mm
Material:Alloy Steel
Finish:Orange body and black screw gate



BTS Rope Grab & Spec drawing BTSG011

Fibre Rope Grab

Part No.BTSG011
Ultimate Strength:15kN
Material:Alloy Steel
Finish:Zinc Dichromate (Gold Finish


15m x 12mm Kernmantle rope with triple action hook one end and manual rope grab.

15m x 12mm Kernmantle rope with Karabiner Safety Hook & Rope Grab

Rope:15m x 12mm Kernmantle 
HookTriple Action Karabiner Safety Hook with 21mm opening to EN362/T & CE 0321
Rope Grab11-12mm Alloy steel, Ultimate strength: 15Kn to EN358 AS/NZS 1891.3

Single 2Tonne x 1m Round Sling

1m x 2000kg Round Sling

Description:Round Sling 
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