Advertorial in Australian Mine Safety Journal

Aug 26, 2014

You asked and
we listened

Mobile and transportable overhead fall protection for
heavy machinery and plant equipment

With Australia experiencing prosperous growth within the mining industry in recent years, operators that work on fixed and mobile plant equipment have been actively seeking for use, an Overhead Fall Protection System Anchor or commonly referred to within the industry as the ‘Sky Anchor’ which is Australian Standard AS/NZS1891 compliant. Operators were in a quest for a sky anchor that
could be used within a workshop environment, be it inside or outside, but then also have the ability to be easily transported or towed behind a service vehicle for on-site plant equipment maintenance. For years the search for this type of universal and multi-use ‘Sky Anchor’ by operators has been unsuccessful and unfruitful, until now.

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Beaver Technology Services (BTS) have listened to their much valued clients within this market segment and now promote a wide range of equipment that allow operators to have an overhead fall protection system that can be used in a workshop one day and the same overhead fall protection equipment can also easily be towed behind a service vehicle on-site the next day for continued use.

Recently added to the ever-growing range of mobile overhead fall protection systems available from BTS is the ultra-transportable Lifline Fall Arrest Trailer (LFAT). Designed and built in the USA, the LFAT is the perfect working at heights solution for all on-site plant equipment maintenance operators where being exposed to working at heights on plant equipment is a regular occurrence.

The LFAT is a complete overhead fall arrest system mounted on a road registered towable trailer that is suited for Australian conditions. With a maximum working overhead anchor point height of 6.7mtrs and with a 2.12mtrs offset mast rated for two (2) workers, there is no other product available in the Australian market today for transportable fall arrest systems. When not in use, the LFAT mast folds down effortlessly into the trailer and is held in place. Completely counterweighted with predetermined weight plates for two (2) workers, the LFAT takes around 5minutes to set-up for use and a similar amount of time to lower the unit after use. The LFAT main mast is raised and lowered using a hydraulic pump and valve assembly reducing any manual handling issues on-site.

Other innovative and novel features on the LFAT system include: foam filled 23” wheels to eliminate the possibility of punctured or flat tires, torsion axle assembly eliminating potential ‘trailer hopping’ when travelling at speeds on tarmac and gravel roads, put-away box for safe storage of harnesses and fall arrestors, easy-to- use friction brake assembly on multidirectional front wheel, certified lifting points and forklift tyne pockets for ease of lifting and storing when shipping LFAT system around country side, grid mesh construction on trailer floor to act as an anti-slip surface and also eliminate any build-up of dirt.

Clients like Caterpillar, Bechtel Jacobs, Conoco Philips, US Navy, Lockheed Martin, Exxon Mobil, NASA, Aeker Solutions to name a few, are currently clients that utilise the LFAT system on their sites.

Also recently added to the BTS Overhead Fall Protection range is the Restricted Space Cube (RSC). The Restricted Space Cube is ideal for use in workplace environments where once, free unused space in a workplace was deemed standard. With workshops now being inundated with work and work now also overflowing outdoors, this free space is becoming a luxury and a long distance memory for many workshop managers.

Utilising a footprint of approx. 1.1mtrs square, operators are now able to use the Restricted Space Cube (RSC) in those tight work
environments. The Restricted Space Cube (RSC) not only has the ability to rotate a full 360 degrees to suit multiple work positions but also has an anchor point height of 7.5mtrs and together with an offset reach of 3.0mtrs. The Restricted Space Cube’s (RSC) added versatility of being a modular mobile unit that can be easily moved fully- assembled around the site utilising a forklift, has meant product acceptance within Australia has been abundant.

BTS’s other extensive range of Mobile Free Standing Fall Protection System’s (MFSFPS) are available in many diverse configurations including Quad Frames, Access Stair Systems, A-Frame; Horizontal Rail System.

Operators will appreciate the option of customizing any of the structures within the range available for their own specific site requirements. Structures can be either a fixed height for a specific application or the flexibility of an adjustable height that can be used in many applications on site. Standard Horizontal Rail units can have a reach of up to 8.4mts in height with horizontal spans of up to 7mtrs. Custom widths and heights are also available across the range to suit specific site requirements.

The BTS range of mobile fall protection products provides an inexpensive yet safe solution to fall protection needs for various operators and contractors that require temporary and permanent fall protection systems to carry on working at heights safely.

BTS wide ranging Mobile Free Standing Fall Protection Systems (MFSFPS) meet the requirements stipulated in AS/NZS 1891 as an
appropriate Anchorage Structure and at the same time are compliant to Australian individual
State and Territory Workcover & WorkSafe Regulations together with Codes of Practice for the Prevention of Falls in Workplaces.

For more information on BTS range of Mobile Free Standing Fall Protection System (MFSFPS) contact
Beaver Technology Services on
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