As with all Height Safety equipment great care should be taken in selecting and using a lanyard.

Refer to AS/NZS 1891.4 for guidance on selection use & maintenance. All users of BTECH® Lanyards are required to have had suitable training ensuring they are competent with this equipment. If there is any doubt as to the method of use, you should consult BTS directly.

 BTECH® Single Leg Energy Absorbing Lanyards

 Purpose: Energy absorbing lanyards are designed to reduce the fall arrest forces on the body.

 BTECH® Single Leg Lanyards

The personal energy absorbing end of the lanyard must be attached to a fall arrest attachment point on the harness at all times.

Attach the fitting on the other end to the anchorage point; the connection should be at a level which will result in the minimum free fall distance and the least total fall distance consistent with the wearer’s ability to carry out work tasks.

When connecting to an attachment point on a harness that is not visible to the user you must either connect prior to fitting the harness or have the connection checked for secure attachment by a second competent person.

Do not connect to more than one lanyard at a time as this will increase the minimum activation load required and increase the maximum load on the user above 6kN.

Minimum force required to activate lanyard is 2kN or 203kg - short falls or slides will not generate enough force to activate energy absorber.

The maximum allowable free fall is 2 metres.

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