BTR1100 Roofers Kit Hero

BTR1100 – The BTECH ENTRYFIT Roofers Kit is designed to provide a practical solution for working at heights on roofs and is ideal for domestic and commercial roofing applications. All components of the Roofers Kit is stored within a heavy duty backpack allowing for ease of storage and transport.

Complies to AS/NZS 1891.1.2007

BTECH ENTRYFIT Roofers Kit Features

  • Lightweight, comfortable and durable Harness, suitable for the harsh Australian work environment.
  • Front and rear fall arrest attachment points.
  • Energy absorber in the event of a fall prevents load exceeding 16kN
  • A hard wearing 12mm kernmantle rope fitted with a type1 manual rope grab, affording safe movement over the roof area.
  • Round sling / Attachment strap to be used as a temporary anchorage connection. Suitable for one operator fall arrest.
  • Packed within a rugged backpack / carry bag to protect against soiling and for ease of transportation.
  • Manufactured to AS/NZS1891.1-2007 and 3rd party certified by Global Mark.

BTR1100 Roofers Kit What's Included

What's Included

BTL177212m Energy absorbing Lanyard.
BR210015115m x 12mm Kernmantle rope with triple action hook one end and manual rope grab.
BRS1000x111 tonne 1.5m round sling / Attachment strap.
BNA25TO22 x Triple action aluminium alloy oval karabiners.
BSG246RWK1BTECH Backpack / Kit Bag



BTH1200CS Harness With Feature

BTH1200cs Harness

BTH1200CS Full Body Harness c/w Front & Rear Fall Arrest Attachment points and confined space retrieval loops. Complies to AS/NZS 1891.1.2007

Applications and Usage

  • Fall Arrest - Use in conjunction with an energy absorbing lanyard or inertia reel device attached to the Front Loops or rear Dee ring
  • Restraint Technique - Use in conjunction with an adjustable energy absorbing lanyard to rear Dee ring or front loops to limit access to fall situations.
  • Recovery & Rescue using both front loops connected together.
  • Retrieval Loops for connecting with spreader bar for confined space applications.


  • Manufactured from light weight, colour fast polyester webbing that is hard wearing, durable and UV resistant.
  • Front and rear fall-arrest attachment points as standard. the large rear Dee and front loops make attachment easy.
  • Shoulder Loops for confined space applications, to be used in conjunction with a spreader bar.
  • Leg, shoulder and chest straps are fully adjustable which makes the harness comfortable and provides a secure fit.
  • The rear mesh panel allows ventilation whilst helping the harness to retain its shape also aids when fitting.
  • The instruction label use pictograms to help to assist understanding attachment point use and assist with fitting of harness.
  • Front fall-arrest attachment loops are secured in the parked position via velcro tabs when not required.
  • Forged and heat treated buckles and Dee ring provide the optimum level of safety, increased strength and a better protection over stamped alternatives. Also minimises “creep” of the harness under normal wearing.
  • Sub-pelvic strap helps prevent harness “peeling off” in the event of a fall providing enhanced safety, and assists with distributing the forces generated in and during the arrest of a fall.
  • Each harness is individually proof loaded prior to the final inspection and packaging.
  • Optional RFID tag available for smart tracking.
  • Optional Trauma straps.
Material44mm polyester webbing
ColourOrange & Black colour-fast webbing
Rear DeeForged & Zinc plated, with standout feature
BucklesForged & Zinc plated 2 & 3 bar, Plus Quick release on chest & leg straps
LabelsLabelling fully protected by clear PVC
StandardsAS/NZS 1891.1.2007
Testing100% visually inspected & individually proof tested
Operating temperature-30°C to + 40°C
Max. Operator weight*150 kilograms

* including all PPE & tools carried.


BTL1772 – Lanyard (2m)

Energy absorbing webbing lanyard 2mtr c/w double action hooks each end featuring built in roll out protection. Fitted with RFID tags to make compliance tracking easy.

Manufactured and Certified to AS/NZS 1891.1:2007.

Triple Action Aluminium Alloy Oval Karabiner

Ultimate Strength:25kN
Karabiner Opening:20mm
Material:Aluminium Alloy
Finish:Orange body and black gate

15m x 12mm Kernmantle rope with triple action hook one end and manual rope grab.

15m x 12mm Kernmantle rope with Karabiner Safety Hook & Rope Grab

Rope:15m x 12mm Kernmantle 
HookTriple Action Karabiner Safety Hook with 21mm opening to EN362/T & CE 0321
Rope Grab11-12mm Alloy steel, Ultimate strength: 15Kn to EN358 AS/NZS 1891.3

BRS1000x1.5 Round Sling

1.5m x 1000kg Round Sling

Description:Round Sling 
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