Read How the Queensland Government improved their safety standards with BTS Engineered Height Safety Systems.

Mar 6, 2019

RoadTek provides transport infrastructure solutions throughout Queensland as a commercial business within the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR).

They specialise in developing and constructing high-risk and technically challenging projects for local governments.

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To ensure their workers safety during these hazardous activities the BTS Mobile Fall Arrest Trailer is a highly effective solution for carrying out routine and specialised tasks.

Their base in rural Roma, over 400 kilometres from Brisbane, recently hired the BTS Trailer The trailer is designed to be an overhead fall protection system that’s portable and versatile with an anchorage point of up to 7m. Quickly it has become a key piece of equipment for RoadTek to ensure employees safety throughout inspections of concrete ISO containers.

Prior to the BTS Mobile Fall Arrest Trailer workers laboriously set up individual tripods above recovery points for the ISO containers. These inspections are crucial for ensuring the quality of the company’s stored powdered cement, a staple for their business. However, using the BTS Trailer workers are easily and quickly able to set up safe anchor points saving time and resources

BTS Mobile Fall Arrest Trailer

The BTS Mobile Fall Arrest Trailer provides fall protection for up to two (2) workers, on an overhead anchor point that is easy to set-up. The main mast of the trailer is raised or lowered using an electric (DC) hydraulic pump and valve arrangement. READ MORE