The RailGuard 90 system is a portable rail and guarding system that protects people and equipment. The system is designed to allow a person to easily set-up a secure area when necessary and then quickly pull it down again when it is no longer in use. Made of steel and aluminium, the RailGuard 90 system has been designed to be durable and easy to transport.

RailGuard 90 Points

RailGuard 90 Aplication

RailGuard 90 with Extention Kit


  • Quickly, and easily set up by a single user.
  • Provide protection around equipment, and service areas.
  • The extendible rails enable the one kit to be used in multiple configurations.
  • Easily gain access to the protected service area at any rail section, by simply unclipping the railing.
  • Gives you complete control over access to the service area.
  • When not in use the RailGuard 90 system is discrete, with the post cup being sealed closed showing only a small aluminium disc on the top surface.
  • The RailGuard 90 bollards, rails & toe boards pack down conveniently into a durable utility bag for transport and storage.
  • Can be used on various sites time and time again.

Standard package

Part No.Description
BHS-90Aluminium Barricade System


The Standard package consists of:

One bag containing (4) horizontal long hand rails + (4) horizontal short rails.

One bag containing (4) Toe boards + (4) upright 90° bollards.


Assembled Overall size Pole centres
 Kit sizeLengthWidthLengthWidth
Minimum size193310681691826
Maximum size2643156822211326


Extension System

Part No.Description
BHS-91Aluminium Barricade System Extension System


The Extension system consists of:

One bag containing (4) horizontal long hand rails + (2) Upright extension bollard.

One bag containing (2) Toe boards


RailGuard 90 Extention Kit


Outer tube of horizontal long and short hand rails natural aluminium colour

Aluminium material specification is 6063

The black top plastic cap of the upright bollards are UV treated.

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