All BTS Karabiners are manufactured to the highest quality using corrosive resistant materials for safe and reliable service. Each is designed with safety double or triple action mechanism.


Screw Gate Oval Karabiner

Part No.BSK0001
Ultimate Strength:23kN
Karabiner Opening:18mm
Material:Alloy Steel
Finish:Nickle chrome plated body with orange gate screw


Triple Action Aluminium Alloy Oval Karabiner

Part No.BNA25T0
Ultimate Strength:25kN
Karabiner Opening:20mm
Material:Aluminium Alloy
Finish:Orange body and black gate


Triple Action Large Square Gate Karabiner

Part No.BNS50TE
Ultimate Strength:50kN
Karabiner Opening:27mm
Material:Alloy Steel
Finish:Orange body black and gate


Triple Action Karabiner with Retaining Pin

Part No.BNA035TR
Ultimate Strength:35kN
Karabiner Opening:26mm
Material:Alloy Steel
Finish:Orange body and black screw gate


Double Action Stainless Steel Large Square Gate Karabiner

Part No.BNSS22TE
Ultimate Strength:22kN
Karabiner Opening:27mm
Material:Stainless Steel
Finish:Natural polished


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