• Self Levelling Stairs - Single
  • Self Levelling Stairs - Double

BTS® Aluminium Self Levelling Stairs

Code: SLS650x6steps to SLS1200x18steps

BTS Aluminium Self Levelling Stairs are a great temporary access unit manufactured to suit various heights in one product. Our newly developed Self Levelling Stairs multi angle to different heights within the specified range allowing one product to be utilised in more than one area.

Our Self levelling Stairs come in various sizes as specific in the below table, with standard yellow anti epoxy nosing (anti slip), powder coated safety yellow hand-railing for added visibility.

These units come in two widths:

  • Single width 650mm
  • Double width 1200mm

Single width units now have a S.W.L of 450kg and Double width units also have a S.W.L of 450kg.

These Self Levelling-Stairs come with Engineering certification and manufactured to the Australian Standards AS/NZS 1170.0-2002, AS1657-2018, AS/NZS 1892.1:1996

Standard Specifications

  • 3mm Checker plate
  • Stair section – multi angle between 33° – 45°
  • Epoxy nosing on each stair tread (anti slip)
  • Fixing plates
  • Engineering Certification

Welded box section with quick lock


Removable yellow folding handrails


Aluminium checker plate with anti slip-strips

Self Levelling-Stairs Specifications
Product Code Height range (Min - Max)WidthHandrail HeightStepsLoad RatingApprox. Weight
SLS650 x 6steps1600 – 1400mm650mm1000mm6450kg60kg
SLS650 x 9steps1290 – 2100mm650mm1000mm9450kg50kg
SLS650 x 12steps1800 – 2750mm650mm1000mm12450kg110kg
SLS650 x 15steps2600 – 3400mm650mm1000mm15450kg130kg
SLS650 x 18steps3300 – 4100mm650mm1000mm18450kg155kg
SLS1200 x 6steps600 – 1400mm1200mm1000mm6450kg80kg
SLS1200 x 9steps1290 – 2100mm1200mm1000mm9450kg1100kg
SLS1200 x 12steps1800 – 2750mm1200mm1000mm12450kg140kg
SLS1200 x 15steps2600 – 3400mm1200mm1000mm15450kg170kg
SLS1200 x 18steps3300 – 4100mm1200mm1000mm18450kg205kg


Aftercare & Maintenance:

All our standard products have a compliance plate in conjunction with engineering certification provided for OH&S compliance. Furthermore a minimum of 3 years manufacturing warranty is provided on all our products. All our products are designed and tested to meet both Australian Manufacturing and Safety Standards. We recommend that all work platforms are inspected monthly to ensure there is no damage from external factors that can cause a safety issue to the user/s and those around. Use of a damaged platform is a hazard. If any damage is found, we recommend that you tag the platform as “out of service”, call us to discuss the required repairs in order to bring the platform back up to code.

For more information on aluminium ladder platforms,

phone us on +61 2 8811 3500 or email us at sales@beavergrp.com.au


  • Self Levelling Stairs - IN USE
  • Self Levelling Stairs - IN USE
  • Self Levelling Stairs - IN USE

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