• Low stretch recovery & tow strops.
  • Specially formulated high abrasion resistant coating.
  • Super strong ultra-light.
  • Custom lengths available on request.
  • Specialty end fitting available for custom jobs.
  • Breaks strength and serial numbers allocated to each strop.

BIG TOW Recovery & Tow Strops are designed for recovery and towing of mining, heavy commercial and plant Vehicles. The Soft Polyester cover provides extra protection from wear and tear of everyday use in the field.

BIG TOW Recovery & Tow Strops are ideal substitutes for heavy chains and wire rope recovery equipment. The low stretch and recoil in the FIBRE ROPE makes Strop safe to use in recovery / tow situations.

Break Strength20 Tonne30 Tonne50 Tonne70 Tonne100 Tonne150 Tonne200 Tonne300 Tonne
6 Mtr Length1.5kg1.8kg3.1kg4.6kg6.3kg9.2kg13.8kg19.6kg
8 Mtr Length1.8kg2.2kg3.9kg5.7kg7.9kg11.5kg17.3kg24.5kg
10 Mtr Length2.2kg2.7kg4.7kg6.9kg9.5kg13.8kg20.7kg29.4kg
15 Mtr Length3.1kg3.8kg6.6kg9.7kg13.4kg19.6kg29.4kg41.7kg
20 Mtr Length4.1kg4.9kg8.6kg12.6kg17.4kg15.4kg38.1kg54kg
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