with Built-in Digital Revolution Counter

BTECH PRO-Series winches are available in a variety of cable lengths. These winches are specifically designed for personnel and material handling in a wide range of confined space, fall protection and rescue applications.

BTECH PRO-Series winches offer the user the ability to safely access and egress a wide variety of confined spaces. The winch is equipped with a brake wear indicator so that the operator can check the brake condition at a glance. A secondary safety brake is also fitted to ensure the users safety in the event of the primary brake failing.

Our winches are also fitted with a digital counter so that the operator knows when the winch is due for service.
A double action swivel hook complete with a built in fall arrest indicator is fitted as standard.
The winch can be operated manually using the removable crank handle and there is an option for a power drive.
The power drive helps prevent operator fatigue when recovery a worker from a deep excavation or tunnel.


  • 1. Ergonomic Carrying Handle
  • 2. Brake Wear Indicator
  • 3. Cranking Handle
  • 4. Secondary Brake
  • 5. Hardened Stainless Steel Drive Gears
  • 6. High Impact Resistant Plastic Cover
  • 7. Built-in Total revolutions counter
  • 8. Double action swivel safety hook c/w fall arrest indicator

Part No. Cable Type Weight
60002 18m Stainless Steel rope 14.0 kg
60003 18m Galvanised Steel rope 14.0 kg
60004 30m Stainless Steel rope 15.2 kg
60005 30m Galvanised Steel rope 15.2 kg
60010 45m Stainless Steel rope 18.0 kg
60011 45m Galvanised Steel rope 18.0 kg
60012 60m Stainless Steel rope 19.5 kg
60013 60m Galvanised Steel rope 19.5 kg
60018 76m Stainless Steel rope 22.3 kg
60019 76m Galvanised Steel rope 22.3 kg
60020 90m Stainless Steel rope 23.8 kg
60021 90m Galvanised Steel rope 23.8 kg
Part No. Description
BTS60101 Interface bracket to mount PRO-1 BTECH Winch to PRO-3G Davit
60209 Interface bracket to mount PRO-2/3 BTECH WInch to PRO-3G Davit
BTS60101SB Interface bracket to mount PRO-1 BTECH Winch to PRO-3 Tripod
Part No. Description
40000 Bag, PRO-1 Winch
40005 Bag, PRO-2 Winch
40006 Bag, PRO-3 Winch
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