New Victorian Work Place Laws coming into effect from July. 

Apr 3, 2020
New Victorian Work Place Laws coming into effect from July. 

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Working at heights accounts for more fatalities than any other construction activity.
  • The hazards and factors affecting the risk from working at height include vertical distance of a fall, fragile roofs, roof lights, voids, sloping roofs, deteriorating materials, unprotected edges, unstable or poorly maintained access equipment and adverse weather conditions.
  • Working at heights should be avoided where possible, or engineered methods used to prevent falls and falling materials, including good design, proper planning and supervision of work, avoiding working in adverse weather conditions.
  • Emergency rescue plans should be in place to facilitate the rescue of trapped or fallen workers.
  • Equipment, training and instruction are required to minimize the distance and consequence of a fall.
  • Head protection is required when working at heights.
  • All work equipment used to access work at heights should be inspected before and after use.


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